Research Methods Division 2020 Award Winners

Dear RMD Members,

Hope you and your loved ones are healthy, safe and well! We are excited to announce the following winners of the 2020 RMD awards. Please join us in congratulating them for their accomplishments!

Sage Publications/RMD Distinguished Career Award
Awarded to distinguished scholars who have made significant contributions to the advancement of research methodology, the winner this year is Jose Cortina at Virginia Commonwealth University. In their nomination letter, colleagues shared the following about Dr. Cortina’s contributions:

“What makes José Cortina one-of-a-kind is his unprecedented combination of productivity and impact in research methods research, his high-quality mentoring and teaching (SIOP Distinguished Teaching Award for teaching methods classes), and his selfless dedication to our field (as Associate Editor at JAP and Editor of ORM; as well as serving as President of SIOP and on the RM and HR Executive Committees); all centered around advanced research methods. This combination is unparalleled. Finally, although harder to quantify, it is important to note that Dr. Cortina is the one person in our discipline who does the most to make research methods “cool.” That is, because he tirelessly devotes himself to research and teaching of methods, he makes it look fun. Dr. Cortina has been an excellent role model, especially for junior researchers as they first begin their careers – at least that was the role Dr. Cortina played for us.”

Sage Publications/RMD Lawrence R. James Early Career Award
Awarded to scholars who have made distinguished contributions to research methods, practice, and education during their early career stage, this year’s winner is Aaron McKenny at Indiana University. In their nomination letter, colleagues shared:

“Aaron has emerged as a thought leader on research methods and design, with particular expertise in content analysis.” and “[he] was the driving force behind the creation of the CAT Scanner freeware he manages that makes content analysis accessible and free to scholars across the globe.”

Sage Publications/Robert McDonald Advancement of Organizational Research Methodology Award
This award recognizes an organization-related article or book chapter published between January 2014 and December 2018 that has made a significant contribution to research methodology. This year, the award winner is Daniel Newman at University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign for his paper titled “Missing Data: Five Practical Guidelines” published in Organizational Research Methods in 2014. The nomination letter detailed the contributions made by this paper, including:

“… is one of the most important contributions to the organizational sciences over the last 10 years. It systematically addresses a problem that is ubiquitous in the organizational sciences, but does so in a manner that is both accessible and practical.”

Sage Publications/RMD Best Division Conference Paper Award
This conference paper award is given to a top paper of those submitted to the RMD’s annual AOM conference program, as rated by the anonymous reviewers and the award committee members. This year, the winner is Dan Hsu at North Dakota State University for the paper titled “Experimental Design for Mediation Tests”.

SAGE Publications/RMD Best Division Student Conference Paper Award
This conference paper award is given to a top student paper of those submitted to the RMD’s annual AOM conference program, as rated by the anonymous reviewers and the award committee members. This year, the winner is Manuel Vaulont at Arizona State University (co-authored by Zhen Zhang, Arizona State University) for the paper titled “Comparing Two Approaches to Testing Within-Level Interactions Using Panel Data”.

2020 RMD awards committee members include:
Dorothy Carter, University of Georgia (voting member)
Michael Cole, Texas Christian University (voting member)
Justin DeSimone, University of Alabama (voting member)
Nikos Dimotakis, Oklahoma State University (voting member)  
Steve Gove, University of Vermont (voting member)
Jason Huang, Michigan State University (voting member)
Tine Köhler, University of Melbourne (voting member)
Timothy Quigley, University of Georgia (voting member)
Michael Withers, Texas A&M University (voting member)
Zhen Zhang, Arizona State University (voting member)
Betty Zhou, University of Minnesota (chair, non-voting member)
Dan Beal, Virginia Tech (ex-officio, program chair, non-voting member)
*Individuals were removed from the voting process for the award(s) with which they had a conflict of interest.

We thank everyone who supported this process. We also thank the generous support from our award sponsors. Congratulations to all award winners!

Best Regards,
RMD Executive Committee