International Conference and Doctoral Seminar on Research Methods

This 4th AOM- RMD conference is a follow-up to the 2004 Lyon conference chaired by Herman Aguinis focused on “Crossing Frontiers in Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods” , the 2007 conference chaired by Mark Gavin on “Innovative Research Methods to Create Valid and Operational Knowledge”, as well as the 2011 conference chaired by Stephanie Castro and Lisa Schurer Lambert on “Performance metrics of the impact of management research”.

Those conferences were very successful, with an average of 125 papers accepted in each conference. Organizing these conferences in Europe in several languages (English, Spanish and French) with simultaneous translations made it possible for researchers unfamiliar with the Research Methods Division of the AOM to join the AOM community of researchers and bring new insights and perspectives on research methods, often contributing stimulating debates from an epistemological point of view.

Many participants of the 2004, 2007 and 2011 conferences are willing to renew the Lyon conference in a friendly setting, as a supplement to the AOM conference, in order to debate interactively on difficult methodological issues which are multidimensional and give food for thought to both academics and scholar-practitioners. In particular, this new conference would be an opportunity to exchange on the wide array of methods currently resorted to in different countries. It will enable cross- fertilization in the field of management research methods as implemented in various cultural settings.

The location of the conference is Lyon, a major European city on the United Nations World Heritage list, and an academic powerhouse with its numerous higher education institutions. This conference is offered through a partnership of several international universities. The conference host is ISEOR (Socio-Economic Institute of Firms and Organizations) at the University of Lyon in France. ISEOR is a leading research center in Europe with over 125 faculty and doctoral students coming from countries around the globe. ISEOR has already organized several international conferences in partnership with the Academy of Management: 2001 (Management Consulting Division), 2004, 2007 and 2011 (Research Methods Division), 2005 (Social Issues in Management Division), 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012 (Organization development and Change Division) and 2009 (cross divisional conference co- sponsored by RMD, ODC, ONE, RM, SIM, PTC and MC) ; 2014 (Organization Development and Change, and Management Consulting Division).

ISEOR Research Center, Magellan, IAE Lyon, University of Jean Moulin Lyon 3, is the pilot research center of the doctoral program in Socio-Economic Approach to the management of change and to organization development. Lyon, France is ideally located at the heart of Europe and is an academic powerhouse in the field of management. (see:

This conference and doctoral consortium raises two kinds of submissions:
-Communications, conferences and testimonies proposed by academics.
-Master and doctoral students submissions presenting their work in progress.

It must be mentioned that best scholar papers in each of the three languages, as well as doctoral students best papers will receive either the best academic paper award or the best doctoral student paper award.

Deadlines for submission:
Doctoral students and academics have to send an abstract (4,500 characters maximum) by December 20th, 2014. Full papers (15 pages or 35,000 characters maximum including spaces) in English, Spanish or French are expected no later than January 31st, 2015.

MS word, Times New Roman 10 point font, single spaced. Margins: 0.90″ left, 1.73″ right, 0.98″ top and 1.18″ bottom. Indent 1st line of each paragraph. Orientation of sheets: portrait and pages facing one another for all the document. Paper format: B5: 7.16″ breadth x10.12″height. Headline 0″ and bottom 0.79″ Sub-headings should be bold, on a separate line, left-justified, and all caps. Title page for all submissions should appear as follows: on a separate page from the body of the paper: TITLE of paper, TYPE: Doctoral student, Executive doctoral student, academic, CONTACT PERSON: Choose 1 person to be the contact person, LIST of authors’ names, in desired sequence. CONTACT INFORMATION for each author, including the following: Name, Organization or University affiliation, Address, Phone, Fax, email.

Participation fees:
-Students and doctoral students: € 115, including registration and CD-ROM proceedings
-Academics and practitioners: € 350, including registration, CD-ROM proceedings, lunches and gala dinner.

Contacts and submissions:
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