Construct: – Voice
Reference: – Van Dyne, L., & LePine, J. A. 1998. Helping and voice extra-role behaviors: Evidence of construct and predictive validity. Academy of Management Journal, 41(1): 108-119.
Link to article: – http://amj.aom.org/content/41/1/108.full?sid=77827fae-4738-4971-9a60-f0d4605c7e2f


Construct: – Promotive and Prohibitive Voice
Reference: – Liang, J., C. Farh, C. I., & Farh, J.-L. 2012. Psychological antecedents of promotive and prohibitive voice: A two-wave examination. Academy of Management Journal, 55(1): 71-92.
Link to article: – http://amj.aom.org/content/55/1/71.abstract