Congrats to 2017 Research Methods Division Award Winners

The Research Methods Division presented awards at the 2017 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, held in Atlanta, GA. You can also click here to find a full list of Research Methods Division Award Winners.

Sage Publications/RMD Distinguished Career Award
Chester Arthur Schriesheim, University of Miami

Sage Publications/RMD/CARMA/Lawrence R. James Early Career Award
George C. Banks, University of North Carolina at Charlotte


Sage Publications/Robert McDonald Advancement of Organizational Research Methodology Award
“Seeking Qualitative Rigor in Inductive Research: Notes on the Gioia Methodology”
Published in Organizational Research Methods (2012);16, 15-31.
Dennis A. Gioia, Penn State University
Kevin G. Corley, Arizona State University
Aimee L. Hamilton, University of Denver

SAGE/RMD Best Division Paper Award
“Insufficient Effort Responding as a Meaningful Construct and Partial Function of Latent Aggression”
Justin A. DeSimone, University of Alabama
Kristl Davison, University of Memphis
Jeremy Lee Schoen, University of Mississippi
Mark N. Bing, University of Mississippi

SAGE/RMD Best Division Student Paper Award
“When ANOVA Gets It Wrong: A Re-Introduction of the Regression Discontinuity Design”
Nicolas Bastardoz, University of Lausanne