Message from the Chair

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The Research Methods Division
John Kammeyer-Mueller, Research Methods Division Chair

The Research Methods Division (RMD) is a group of scholars who collaborate across multiple research approaches and domains to facilitate all components of organizational research. Whether you are interested in developing a well-grounded approach to conducting a qualitative dissertation, want to ensure that you’re fully informed about developing Bayesian priors, or want to make sure your audience will strongly agree that your survey has been rigorously developed, the Research Methods Division is the place to go!

RMD occupies a unique position in the Academy of Management. At a broad level, RMD provides an important service role for the Academy, developing and disseminating methodological expertise across its membership. On one hand, the division promotes new scholarship related to advancing research methodology. On the other hand, the division also provides a venue for scholars with diverse interest to discuss how to effectively conduct their research. In other words, the methods division hopes to both foster the development and evaluation of statistical procedures for estimating relationships among variables, and also provide information on how to apply these procedures to their own work from the intra-individual, between indvidual, group, organizational, and industry levels of analysis. Similarly, the methods division provides a platform to discuss the epistimological implications of different qualitative information gathering techniques, and also provide information on how to implement established qualitative techniques to address specific research questions.

The division hopes that you will take advantage of the many exciting opportunities to discuss methodology topics with our research community, including the following initiatives that have been core to the division’s work:

1) RMNet: As a question-and-answer listserv and searchable archive, RMNet offers first-hand access to RMD’s most valuable resource: thousands of knowledgeable and helpful member-experts. If you have a tough question about analyses, study design, measurement, or almost anything else, you will find the answer on RMNet—but participation is open only to members of RMD. For more information, please visit our dedicated RMNet page.

2) Organizational Research Methods (ORM): RMD has been a proud sponsor of Organizational Research Methods (ORM) from the journal’s inception in 1998. Since that time, ORM has become the premier methodological publication for the organizational sciences. For 2016, JCR ranked ORM’s journal impact factor as 14th among management journals and 3rd among applied psychology journals. Members of RMD are entitled to a 30% discount on a subscription to ORM as well as to a 25% discount on any purchase from the SAGE book collection.

3) Each year at the AOM conference, RMD offers an innovative slate of PDW and scholarly paper/symposium sessions. These showcase the latest methodological research and offer attendees the chance to learn new techniques and interact in-person with diverse methods experts. Some of our most popular sessions will let you personally “Ask-the-Experts” your most pressing methodological questions or engage in workshops to discuss dissertations and other research projects. Other recent PDW and scholarly sessions have addressed Bayesian statistics, survey research and scale development, content analysis, ethnography, experimental design, meta-analysis, social network analysis, and multi-level research.

4) In addition to our offerings at AOM, we also have a long history of providing methods-related professional development at regional and international conferences such as for the Southern Management Association, Eastern Academy of Management, and the ISEOR International Conference and Doctoral Seminar on Research Methods.

5) RMD has offered a consortium for those who are interested in making methods a key element of their professional careers or who simply want to sharpen their methodological skills. This program features prominent methods scholars interacting with participants via webcasts and other virtual delivery methods. It is open not only to doctoral students, but to faculty as well. Because it is online in advance of the annual meeting, participation will not conflict with other consortia or PDWs scheduled during the AOM annual conference.

6) Good measurement is a critical element of good research. To this end, RMD maintains the “Measure Chest” as a wiki-based archive of measures used by organizational scholars. Visit this page to learn more about the Measure Chest.

None of these benefits would be possible without the community of colleagues who have joined RMD and who regularly offer their generous support to RMD’s many initiatives. I hope you’ll become involved, as well. RMD wants to be your “second home” in the Academy.