In an effort to welcome you to the Research Methods Division (RMD), familiarize you with RMD activities and resources, and encourage your involvement, we have put together this new member resource packet. This has all the information you need to know in order to gain the most benefit from your membership in the division.


What is RMNET?

As a number of the RMD, you can now gain access to literally hundreds of research methods experts who are willing to answer specific research methods questions related to your research or teaching. RMNET is a question-and-answer network for members of the RMD of the Academy of Management. Questions sent to RMNET cover a range of methodological issues regarding design, measurement, and data analysis in organizational research. Questions sent to RMNET are automatically distributed to all RMD members on the RMNET list, who then volunteer potential answers and send them to the RMNET address. These answers are again automatically distributed to all RMD members, including the person who asked the question. Members not directly involved in asking or answering the question can monitor the communication for their own edification and, if they choose, interject their viewpoint. RMNET also extends beyond Q&A interchanges to include debates over methodological issues, collaborative development of new measures or procedures, abstracts of working papers or papers in press that describe or illustrate new or unusual methods, tips for teaching research methods, announcements regarding research method conferences or workshops, etc.

RMNET Archives

Another attractive aspect of the RMNET is its rich archive, where RM members can gain access to past discussions of specific methodological issues. The RMNET archives can be searched using specific key words pertaining to various methodological topics. Members can gain access to the RMNET archives on the following website: (You should scroll down and click on “read lists,” then the site will ask you to enter your email and a password, which will be provided to you once you join the RMNET listserv).

How can you join the RMNET?

Send a message to the RMNET Coordinator, Jeff Edwards. Jeff will verify your RMD membership and add you to the RMNET list. If you have any problems regarding your use of RMNET, you can contact Jeff Edwards at

Research Methods Division Newsletter

Your source for all the news fit to report and the various happenings of the RMD. As new member of the RMD, you will receive periodic e-mails alerting to when a new newsletter has been published. Links to both the current newsletter as well as newsletter archives can be found by going to the RMD website:

Research Methods Division Sponsored Journal: Organizational Research Methods

As someone interested in research method issues, you will likely find the RMD sponsored journal, Organizational Research Methods (ORM), of interest – both from a content perspective and as a possible outlet for your research.

What is Organizational Research Methods journal?

ORM (, published quarterly at Sage Inc. and sponsored by the RMD of the Academy of Management, is a journal that is devoted to the topic of research methods in organizational studies. ORM was established to bring relevant methodological developments to the attention of a broad range of researchers working in areas represented within the domain of the Academy of Management and the more general field of organizational studies. An important goal of ORM is to promote a more effective understanding of current and new methodologies as applied in organizational research. Thus, articles should be understandable to a general audience and should assume background knowledge consistent with methodological and statistical training provided in contemporary organizational doctoral programs.

Several types of articles are appropriate for ORM. One type of article addresses questions about existing quantitative and qualitative methods and research designs currently used by organizational researchers and may involve a comparison of alternative available methods. Articles of this nature should focus on the relative strengths and weaknesses of the analytical technique(s) presented. A second type of article demonstrates new applications of existing quantitative or qualitative methods to substantive questions in organizational research. The manner in which the new applications advance understanding of organizational research should be addressed in these articles. A third type of article introduces methodological development or techniques from other disciplines to organizational researchers. For these articles, the relative advantages of the new techniques should be clearly discussed. Finally, ORM will also include several reoccurring themes, including essays on methods, point/counterpoint debates, measurement evaluations, methods reviews, teacher’s corner, book reviews, and computer software reviews. Articles that do not fit these three categories may be submitted to ORM, as long as they are written in a manner consistent with the objectives stated above. A determination of the appropriateness of manuscript content for ORM will be made by the editor at the time of submission. For more information regarding ORM, contact ORM’s editor, Jose Cortina (

Interesting Things That You Can Find on the Research Methods Division Website

In addition to the newsletter, RM Forum, and archives of RMD activities, the RM website also has a number of other helpful research methods related links. Here are just a few:

Teaching Resources for research methods courses at all levels:

Research methodology related websites (e.g., Philosophy of Science, information on scales and measures):

Links to popular statistical software programs and information:

Conference-Related Activities

In addition to these internet-related resources (newsletters, forums, RMNET), the RMD frequently sponsors pre-conference Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. Also, every year at the annual Academy of Management meeting, the RMD holds a business meeting, followed by a social hour – these events provide great opportunities to get to know who the RMD officers and active people are, as well as learn about opportunities for getting involved. In addition to these, the Center for Advancement of Research Methods (CARMA; sponsors summer workshops as well.

Becoming Involved with Research Methods Division Activities

Last, but not least, members of the RMD are encouraged to get involved with the various RMD activities. Indeed, it is the people who make the place – members’ involvement greatly shape the viability of the division. As a RMD member, you can get involved in the following activities:

(1) Review RMD papers for the annual Academy of Management conference. To volunteer, contact the current program chair, whose contact information can be found on following website address:

(2) Join one of several standing or ad hoc RMD committees. The following website address provides information regarding committees: To volunteer, contact the committee chair, whose contact information is provided on the following website address:

(3) Submit a paper to the RM Forum. Each year, RMD announces a specific call for paper for the RM Forum. RMD members are notified of this call for paper via the RMD newsletter, but the call is also posted on the RMD website (