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Construct: – Voice
Reference: – Van Dyne, L., & LePine, J. A. 1998. Helping and voice extra-role behaviors: Evidence of construct and predictive validity. Academy of Management Journal, 41(1): 108-119.
Link to article: – http://amj.aom.org/content/41/1/108.full?sid=77827fae-4738-4971-9a60-f0d4605c7e2f


Construct: – Promotive and Prohibitive Voice
Reference: – Liang, J., C. Farh, C. I., & Farh, J.-L. 2012. Psychological antecedents of promotive and prohibitive voice: A two-wave examination. Academy of Management Journal, 55(1): 71-92.
Link to article: – http://amj.aom.org/content/55/1/71.abstract

Organizational citizenship behavior: Adapted to ecological momentary assessment (i.e., experience sampling methods)

Construct: Organizational citizenship behavior: Adapted to ecological momentary assessment (i.e., experience sampling methods)

Source: Dalal, R. S., Lam, H., Weiss, H. M., Welch, E., & Hulin, C. L. (2009). A within-person approach to work behavior and performance: Concurrent and lagged citizenship-counterproductivity associations, and dynamic relationships with affect and overall job performance. Academy of Management Journal, 52, 1051-1066.

DOI: 10.5465/AMJ.2009.44636148

Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Construct: Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Source 1: Williams, L. J., & Anderson, S. E. (1991). Job satisfaction and organizational commitment as predictors of organizational citizenship and in-role behaviors. Journal of Management, 17, 601–617.

10 items to measure two types of OCB: Beneficial to organizational and beneficial to supervisor.

DOI: 10.1177/014920639101700305

Source 2: Event justice perceptions and employees’ reactions: Perceptions of social entity justice as a moderator. Journal of Applied Psychology, 93(3):513-528.

Used in Choi, Jaepil. 2008. 

Cronbach’s alphas= organization (.84), supervisor (.91).

DOI: 10.1037/0021-9010.93.3.513

Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Construct: Organization Citizenship Behavior

Source: Van Dyne, L., Graham, J. W., & Dienesch, R. M. (1994). Organizational citizenship behavior: Construct redefinition, measurement, and validation. Academy of Management Journal, 37, 765–802.

Note: 16 items for obedience. 16 items for loyalty. 22 items for participation.
Used in: Orvis, Karin A.; Dudley, Nicole M.; Cortina, Jose M. (2008). Conscientiousness and reactions to psychological contract breach: A longitudinal field study. Journal of Applied Psychology, 93:5, 1183-1193. Cronbach’s alpha=.91.
DOI: 10.2307/256600