Measure Chest

About the Measure Chest:

The Research Methods Division maintains an archive of measures frequently used by organizational researchers. Measures are posted according to the name of the construct and with a link to the source of the measure.

Due to copyright restrictions the RM Division  cannot able to directly reproduce the details of the measure (e.g., survey items). Please consult the original publication for this information.

Tips for finding measures in the Measure Chest:

The easiest way to find a measure is to use the search box (click the magnifying glass in the upper right side of the screen). Enter the word “measure” and a term (e.g., “conflict”) and you will see all postings relevant to that construct.

Alternatively, you can Browse the Measure Chest.

Contribute to the Measure Chest:

If we don’t have a measure that we should have, please contribute it! You can contribute a measure by sending the construct name, the citation for the publication, and the web link where the publication can be accessed: